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Students who major in Rhetoric and Communications practise writing in a variety of genres and read contemporary non-fiction, analyze visual and verbal texts, trace the impact of print and electronic media on western culture, and – through the study of theory and close attention to textual practices – examine how ideology is embodied in discourse. Students with a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications can enter graduate studies in such fields as Communications, Composition, Media Studies, and Rhetoric. They are also well prepared for public- and private-sector careers that depend on advanced analytical and communicative skills, especially in writing.


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Rhetoric Courses and the UW Academic Writing Requirement

The Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications offers a range of courses designed to give students an opportunity to develop their abilities as writers in an academic community.

For course listing, course descriptions, and current course offerings, see Courses.

 Rhetoric Courses


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The Rhetoric Major

Students interested in the Rhetoric and Communications Major or the Joint Degree/Diploma program should contact the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications (786-9127). Students are also encouraged to seek advice from RHET faculty about appropriate courses.

To learn more about the Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications majors, see Programs.

Announcements and News

Rhetoric’s Fall, 2016 Newsletter


Scholars in the Press

Truth_in_the_Public_SphereTruth in the Public Sphere
Edited by Jason Hannan

Truth in the Public Sphere seeks to understand the significance of truth for the everyday world of human communication. To this end, this book explores the place of truth in several facets of the public sphere: language, ethics, journalism, politics, media, and art. [more]

Rhetoric profs win major awards at conference
National Communication Association (NCA) conference in Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations from the faculty and students to Drs. Jason Hannan and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers.

Dr. Tracy Whalen

PROFile – Dr. Tracy Whalen
Associate professor in the Rhetoric, Writing and Communications Department
October 27, 2016
Alana Trachenko, City Editor

Spotlight on Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

Dr. Matthew Flisfeder, Tyler Andrade, and Neil Exell on the importance of their department

The Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications program offers studies in the theory, analysis, and practice of a variety of communications: written, oral, visual, and online.  The program will help you become a highly adaptable communicator with superb hands-on skills in drafting, revising, editing, and evaluating messages intended for a wide range of audiences and purposes. This program leads . . . (more)

Dr. Jason Hannan: UW’s Featured Researcher

Dr. Jason Hannan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications at the University of Winnipeg. Prior to joining UWinnipeg in 2013, he was a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow in the Program in Rhetoric and Public Culture at Northwestern University. His research interests include bioethics and medical humanities, rhetoric and political theory, and the philosophy of communication. . . . (more)

Also regarding Dr. Jason Hannan

Shorter Article:

RHET prof wins prestigious award

Arts Faculty Award recipients announced: Helen Lepp Friesen


Students of Helen Lepp Friesen:

Description Assignment

Where I’m From” Digital Story Assignment

The Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications’ Student Association Presents:

Students, Ideas & Coffee (SIC) Gala, 2016

Showcase your own student work in a creative 5 minute presentation?

Date: 10 November 2016
Time: 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Location: The Hive (Lockhart Hall)
Poster PDF

The Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications Presents:

KC Adams: Changing Perceptions

Winnipeg-based artist KC Adams graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and her focus has been the investigation of the relationship between nature (the living) and technology (progress). . . . (more)

UWinnipeg Students ‘Rooted in Rhetoric’

This past summer and spring, students from across disciplines contributed to Rooted in Rhetoric, a journal that features a collection of masterfully articulated prose. The contributors were students taking Academic Writing as well as students in upper-level Rhetoric courses. The collection is broken down into nine sections that cover sensory descriptions, narratives, argumentative essays as well as constraints in writing exercises and analysis in linguistic landscapes and photographs to list a few. . . . (more)

Transition Year Program (TYP) Journal

Word Arts

UW Faculty of Arts’ NEWSLETTER highlighting our proud TYP students and their Journal:

A First Step to 1000 Miles

Students, Ideas & Coffee (SIC) Gala, 2015

On November 12, 2015 the third annual Student, Ideas, and Coffee (SIC) turned The Hive into a vibrant coffee house. About 60 students from a variety of departments . . . (more)

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